Alex works as a Junior Designer at a home fashion company called PDK Worldwide in Midtown Manhattan, NY. Starting as a cad artist a year and half ago, he was quickly promoted to Junior Designer, within a few months. His competence for his work, color sense, and attention to detail are only a few skills that have brought higher sales to the company.

He knows making a saleable design is only one part of the process . The other part is time management, technical expertise, and overall quality. At Ramy Brook he saw through both parts by coordinating the production of the sample apparel line between first samples band production hand-off. 

Alex won “Most Innovative” at The University of Texas at Austin Fashion Show. His artistic talent comes with superior pencil and pastel drawing skills. 

Alex graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Textiles and Apparel from The University of Texas at Austin in 2013. After completing his degree he relocated to New York CIty to start his career in the fashion industry. In two years, he succeeded in moving up from an internship, to a Design Assistant position, and then to a Junior Designer position at a Home Fashion company.

He works full-time makeing prints and samples for bedding product that sells to Amazon, Kohls, QVC, and many more ecommerce websites for a company called PDK Worldwide, located in Manhattan, NY. 

In 5 years from now, besides adding more buttons to his portfolio page, Alex plans to be a senior designer in the fashion industry. 

He resides in Queens, NY with two roomates, one from Thailand and another from Taiwan. For fun, he likes to bike, go to improv shows, and train at his local crossfit.