1. drawing of canopied shaded path at a park
    Pencil Landscape portrait of Phillipe Park near my parent's house in Florida. 2013
  2. 18 year old kid at a Red Sox game signing his name on the stadiums pole
    Portrait of a Graduate
    Pencil A commisioned gift for my nephew who had graduated high school. 2013
  3. Sunset in florida on the beach
    Florida Sunset
    Dry Pastel Drawing of a Floridian sunset. 2012
  4. two manatees swimming in the sea
    Dry Pastel ​ Drawing of manatees swimming in Florida springs. 2012
  5. The expectance of a baby boy. woman has painted blue hands. husband stands behind.
    The Expectance of Bo
    Pencil Commissioned gift for my cousin who had his first child. ​ 2015
  6. Family home drawing
    The Henschen Family Home
    Pencil Commissioned gift for my Aunt Karen and Uncle Joe. ​ 2014
  7. aunts family home drawing
    My Aunt's Family Home
    Pencil A commissioned gift of a family home in Florida. ​ 2014
  8. White Roses
    Pencil ​ White Rose Floral composition captured in Spring in Queens. ​ 2017.
  9. Fish above a reef in charcoal
    Fish on a Reef for Aunt Tina
    Charcoal A commissioned portrait of a sea composition . 2014
  10. Blue black and black with yellow burst in back ground pastel drawing at night during a fog
    Foggy Night at Coney island
    Pastel Foggy night at Coney Island during the week of all of the fireworks after the 4th of July. 2014
  11. Yellow and blue sunset with couple holding each other on a long chair on the beach
    Love Sunset
    Pastel I had the great opportunity to complete this project for a good friend. It symbolizes a loving couple sitting together on the beach. 2013
  12. Palm Sunset
    A landscape of a palm tree silhouette on a sunset sky. 2017